Glue making system
Glue making system

  • Function Introduction
  • Technical
1. Providing starch adhesive for single facer and gluing machine, etc.

2. Horizontal glue making machine can produce main body glue and carrying body glue, and mix and stir, the glue making quantity is large.

3. In glue making shop, glue inside store barrel will be sent to store barrel of every using glue machine, and supply their glue.

4. Store barrel, supply glue barrel have stir device, to avoid glue deposit.

5. The glue making system are including carrying body barrel, main body barrel, store barrel, and glue supplying pump, and back- glue pump, etc.

6. The glue making system adopts auto-cycling supply glue, extra glue will follow back back-glue barrel. The glue level will be auto-controlled, the glue inside back-glue barrel will be sent back to store barrel of using glue machine, cyclically supply glue, to save glue and prevent glue burnt and deposited.

7. After work finished, the extra glue of each using glue machine will be drawn to store barrel of glue shop by pump, for next time usage.



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