Double facer baker
Double facer baker

  • Function Introduction
  • Technical
1. Whole body is high strength channel steel, stable, beautiful, suitable for high speed machinery running.

2. Heating plate is made according to national container safety standard, of 520mm steel. Inside, S type construction will raise the steam usage efficiency. More welded rods will keep heating plate unchanged in shape.

3. Heating section is tense pressure roller structure, cardboard sticks firmly and levels off.

4. Steam pipes enter mouth, drainage mouth is S type, heating plate temperature is balanced and evenly.

5. Heating plates temperature is different in different section, suitable to different machinery speed.

6. Heating section pressure roller is hydraulic lifting whole body, stable, safety and reliable.

7. The upper canvas strap is equipped electrical or manual deflection adjusting set, one pneumatic strain set, one manual strain set. The lower canvas is equipped strain and left-right adjustment set.

8. Drive unit adopts wearable, mesh rubber of big diameter, less belt skip, and raise stability when machinery running.

9. Independent speed reducing box, less noise, roller diameter¢745mm adopts seal oil lubricating gears.



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