Conveyor bridge
Conveyor bridge

  • Function Introduction
  • Technical
1. Exactly transmitting single facer corrugated cardboard to strain-tighten set or wind absorption set through transmitting belt, for next process use.

2. Adopting wind absorption strain-tighten set, 3 KW high-voltage centrifugal fan vacuum adsorption strain set, electrical correct deflection, to make sure cardboard stick tightly and level off.

3. Electric control install two groups of operation plate, upper and lower bridge can be adjusted arbitrarily.

4. On paper-receiving unit, adopt independent conversion driver, transmit the single corrugated cardboard across the bridge and keep enough cardboard quantity on bridge to meet the changing production speed, pre-heated by multi pre-heater, and stick  through gluing machine and double facer.

5. Equipped upward paper carrier, and two groups of transmitting belt conveyors, the transmitting speed is slowly, so as to form wave-like stacking, and to store corrugated cardboard.



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