Carton Production Process
Carton Production Process
Step 1,Raw material: Use Slitter Scorer to cut 3/5/7 ply corrugated cardboard to specification needed for carton box. Order of bulk specification can be finished in cardboard production line process, equipment— Slitter Scorer

Step 2, Use Printing Slotting(Die-cutting) Machine to finish 1 color to 6colors(usually2-4colors) printing-creasing(box four corner lines)-slotting(box top and bottom fold slot)-corner cutting(box stitching part 40mm "tongue"), equipment—Printing Slotting(Die-cutting)Machine
Step 3, Forming: two methods according to customers' requests, (1)use Stitcher to finish forming of box; (2)use Gluer to finish forming of box,  equipment—(1)stitching machine ; (2)Gluer
Above is primary steps of producing carton box.Pictures of equipments only means name of equipment, not machine model or degree of automation, for reference of customers especially who want to set a new factory.



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